Every wine has the character of the land in its soul. Here at White Fences Vineyard we also have the sky: the cloudless sailing days and the black, black nights shot through with meteors. This relationship between land and sky courses through each vine and is celebrated in each cluster.

Our vineyard is located in the quaint water town of Irvington, Virginia, away from the big city lights, so we get the full force of the night’s magic. This is how we came to name our fine wines Meteor.

We have 6 acres of Vinifera and French American Hybrid vines producing wines of quality and richly subtle tones.

No wonder. We literally walk hundreds of miles a year in our vineyard, up and down each row, stopping at each vine, touching each cane and cluster.

Vineyard Living

There are several opportunities to live within walking distance of the shops and amenities in Irvington and in view of White Fences Vineyard.

Vineyard Grove is a cottage community of 19 “tents” based on the 1800’s church meeting camp movement.

Vineyard Meadow is a new development of gracious homes with large porches and commanding views of the vineyard. www.vineyardmeadow.com


Harvest is by hand, mostly friends and family. And we sort only the best grapes for each wine. Again, by hand.

Years ago, when we planted our vineyard, our goal was to produce excellent wines that could compete on structure and complexity with the best wines in the world. It’s a lofty goal, or some might say an impossible goal, but we work towards it every day.

We are blessed to live here, and make our wine here, and we know it. There is not a moment we don’t know it. And there is not a bottle of wine we create that does not have in its character the certain sense of itself and where it comes from.

Come see us soon.