Irvington is some kind of town.

It’s a quaint 1800’s village located on Carter’s Creek whose history is steamships and oysters, crabs and captain’s homes and the odd, devastating fire.

Today it is home to the famous Tides Inn Resort and the equally well-regarded Hope and Glory Inn, various boutiques and upscale shops, the sensational Trick Dog Café and, of course, White Fences Vineyard & Winery.

There are no stoplights. But virtually all roads lead to water.

Carter’s Creek sees workboats and watermen going to and fro along with yachts and even mega-yachts, skiffs with teenagers learning the water’s ways and even, once in a while, a seaplane touching down.

There are festivals and concerts and parades and dogs on stoops and people on porches at dusk and virtually everything else a great small town should have.

Have a glass of Meteor wine and enjoy it all.